Welcome to our New and Improved Influencer Program

We like referring to you as a Popstar and by joining our program you offically become one.

What You Get

  • Free Monthly Box of Pops
  • You choose which flavors you want.
  • A unique discount code made for you to share with your followers.
  • The unique discount code marks off the price of 2 pops on any order of 10 or more pops.
  • Access to a dashboard, accessible through your account page, to view how many followers use your code.

What We Ask

  • We now only ask that you post just ONE story a month.
  • In the story we just ask you to share your favorite things about our company.
  • Also to be included in the post is your unique discount code created for your followers.
  • Please no boomerangs. We ask that your post be fun, creative, and showcase the pops!

How to Receive your Pops

  • Each month you can choose 8 pops of whatever flavors you like. We would prefer if you tried our monthly flavors but that's your choice.
  • After selecting your 8 pops, use the code POPSTAR as the discount code at checkout to mark off the price of those 8 pops.
  • Doing this allows you to add more pops to your order if you would like.
  • This code allows you to use it only once a month for your popstar delivery, each month it will reset for your next delivery.
  • We will also send you a calendar invite to remind you when you can place your next popstar order.

I can't wait to be a PopStar!

Send me a Code
Sent! Watch your inbox for an email to activate your unique discount code.